Syndicate Agreement


This constitutes an Agreement between the Member and Lottery Stars Ltd. Mailing Address: Lottery Stars Ltd, Member Support Centre, 5 PERCY STREET OFFICE 4 W1T 1DG, London, United Kingdom.

1. A member is appointed as a Player Member from the date of acceptance of the application by the company. To apply for membership you must be 18 or over.

2. On approval of your application you will be sent an e-mail which confirms your Login ID and password.

3. A member must comply with the Policies and Procedures (available on Lottery Stars) and with the terms of the `Member Agreement`, as and when amended by the company. A member acknowledges that he/she has a copy of the said agreement or has seen and has access to the same.

4. A member agrees to pay £4.00 per week (per syndicate placement) for the Lottery Stars membership subscription. A member understands that if the subscription payment is not received by the company on the due date they will be removed from their syndicate and will no longer be entitled to any winnings generated by said syndicate. They will be notified of this by e-mail. All credit/debit card transactions, both successful and unsuccessful, are recorded by ourselves and by our Merchant bank. If a member is removed from a syndicate for Payment Failure or Cancellation and the said syndicate consequently wins, Lottery Stars are not liable to pay any winnings to said member. Subscription payments are ongoing until cancelled in accordance with clause 6.

5. UK syndicate winnings are equally divided among the 49 syndicate members. Each player will receive 1/49th of the total amount of winnings due. Euro syndicate winnings are divided among the 36 syndicate members. Each player will receive 1/36th of the total amount of winnings due. Winnings of any custom made syndicates will be equally divided among number of syndicate players. Each player will receive the same amount of winnings.

6. Lottery Stars guarantees to pay all winnings due subject to these winnings being paid to Manager of Lottery Stars by the Lottery operator. Winnings paid above ten pounds (£10.00 GBP) are issued in full. Should you request a winnings payout for less than ten pounds (£10.00 GBP) administration fee will apply.

7. A Member may cancel this agreement at any time by logging in to their Member’s web site, selecting “syndicate cancel form”. Alternatively, please notify Administrator by giving 48 hours’ written notice to the company. Membership is deemed cancelled when the company has acknowledged the cancellation request.

8. The company may terminate this agreement by giving notice in writing if a member’s conduct in any way compromises the company`s reputation or contravenes the Polices and Procedures or the Member Syndicate agreement. A member has 30 days in which to appeal against the decision, with legal representation if required.

9. If any provision in the membership agreement is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable the company may amend or delete the provision. The amendment or deletion of any clause will not affect the remaining clauses and provisions.

10. This agreement is subject to acceptance by the company at its Support Centre. Acceptance shall be deemed to occur when the company sends a letter or electronic mail of acceptance and/or a copy of this agreement, duly signed by an authorised officer of the company.

11. Lottery Stars is the syndicate manager and as such purchases all lottery tickets in it’s name. Lottery Stars does not purchase lottery tickets in your name or on your behalf. As a Lottery Stars subscriber you do not acquire any interest in any Lottery tickets. Lottery Stars does not sell lottery tickets to members and does not operate a lottery.

12. I understand that the weekly charge is to cover the subscription which includes news, service and the benefits of the Lottery Stars System, as set out in this document and not for the purchase of lottery tickets.

13. If Company server will be offline or company office will have no internet access, the company takes no responsibility for not buying tickets on time before draw.

14. Company will accept all changes in syndicates, if changes were made before 6pm UK time the day of draw.